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  • Resolution: Finish more books

    I’m not really a New Years’ resolutions person, but as I finish one book (Foundryside; quite a fun read) and look to my current TBR pile, I realize that I may need to make an exception this year. There are so many great books already out there and more published every month. It would be impossible for me to catch up, I know. But I can at least try to commit to finishing the ones I start before picking up a new one. In the picture above, I have started 3 of 5 of those at various points over the past year. This isn’t even including the books I’ve started…

  • Birthday post

    This year, I decided to take advantage of the California climate and had the luxury of going camping in the middle of January. It felt like late spring in the PNW! As a bonus: the threat of a large rainstorm loomed over the area, so few others took the chance and we had the entire campground at Big Basin Redwoods mostly to ourselves. There were hikes, elk sightings, lots of warm drinks, some story editing by lantern light, reading by firelight, and many WALPs. Overall, it was a really pleasant weekend in a beautiful place that felt somehow like no one else in the world knew existed. I highly recommend.…

  • Happy Lemon Pig, Everyone!

    My prediction for myself is that 2019 is going to be a long, often difficult, year of repair, rebuilding, and laying the groundwork for 2020. I have lots of projects to finish, lots of personal and professional areas to realign and get back on track. It will likely take damn close to a year for much of it to see fruition. So here’s to many pots of coffee & many items crossed off the to-do lists in 2019

  • Hey, I sold a story!

    I'm proud to say that I've sold my first story to Crossed Genres for publication in their Resist Fascism anthology. It's a terrific collection of tales that explore ways in which all of us, no matter what world we come from, might resist and fight back against the encroachment of fascism in our lives.

  • Post-Worldcon76

    So I’ve just concluded my first Worldcon experience and I’ve got Some Thoughts about it. Thought #1: I really should have bit the bullet and stayed in a hotel. This Worldcon was doable for me because it was more or less in my backyard. I had an hour to hour and a half drive each way, but the close proximity meant that I didn’t have to budget for airfare, hotel room, multiple meals a day, and pet sitting, among other things. While I definitely felt that benefit economically, it also meant that I think I missed out on a lot of the Worldcon stuff that happens on the periphery. No…