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Birthday post

This year, I decided to take advantage of the California climate and had the luxury of going camping in the middle of January. It felt like late spring in the PNW! As a bonus: the threat of a large rainstorm loomed over the area, so few others took the chance and we had the entire campground at Big Basin Redwoods mostly to ourselves.

There were hikes, elk sightings, lots of warm drinks, some story editing by lantern light, reading by firelight, and many WALPs. Overall, it was a really pleasant weekend in a beautiful place that felt somehow like no one else in the world knew existed. I highly recommend.

To make a WALP for yourself: Get some cinnamon graham crackers, big marshmallows, and full-sized Reece’s peanut butter cups. Toast the marshmallow. Smoosh the mallow and the pb cup in between the cinnamon grahams. WALP. That’s delicious.

Huckleberry site tent cabin #31 at Big Basin Redwoods.
If you’re cooking in a Le Creuset it’s officially glamping.