Hey, I sold a story!

I’m proud to say that I’ve sold my first story to Crossed Genres for publication in their Resist Fascism anthology. It’s a terrific collection of tales that explore ways in which all of us, no matter what world we come from, might resist and fight back against the encroachment of fascism in our lives. And check out this absolutely stunning cover:

Yeah! My story is called Ask Me About My Book Club and centers around an alternate universe USA, where both witches and dragons are real. Dragons are immensely bad and rule the nation with iron claws. The only people powerful enough to stop them? Witches. So, of course, the dragons have all the witches they can find rounded up and murdered.

The survivors must operate in secret. They know their every move is being watched. So where better to lay out their plans than right under the dragons’ noses on social media? They start the Brunch Babes Book Club to, ostensibly, read ‘fluffy’ literature and drink too many mimosas. But each book they read, every photograph they post on social, holds a hidden message to action that only their fellow witches across the country can decode. Also featuring: safe houses hidden in the nooks and crannies of libraries!

If that catches your interest, you can find the micro-anthology Resist Fascism by Crossed Genres in print or ebook format here.